Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

The sign of a healthy planet.

As a global manufacturer, marketer and installer of corporate signage and image design, the Albert Smith Group is committed to protecting the quality of the environment in which it operates, now and in the future. To achieve the highest level of environment, health and safety compliance, the Albert Smith Group has developed a comprehensive Environment, Health and Safety Management System to identify, assess and responsibly manage potential environmental, health and safety risks.

We conduct every aspect of our business in conformance with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards. Where there are no legal or industry standards, we use responsible practices or “best practices” to minimise environment, health and safety impacts.

We routinely promote partnerships with employees, customers, subcontractors, governments and the communities in which we operate to encourage the responsible management and use of our products and services.

We proactively communicate our business activities and the risks associated with our operations to employees, customers, sub-contractors, governments and the communities in which we install our product and promote our services.

We regularly conduct formal audits, reviews and evaluations on all aspects of our business to ensure compliance with this policy and continually improve our performance. In addition, we design, manufacture, construct, operate and maintain our facilities in a responsible manner.